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Here at Master Trainers, we believe in mastering the craft. For us its personal training, community, and family. For our members, it's mastering the art of balancing life, family, and fitness.

Master Trainers of California (MTC) specializes in bringing you master level personal trainers so that you know you're getting the best service and results as possible. The goal in every 40 minute class is for us to provide you with a challenging, energetic, and fun atmosphere to get and stay in shape. We are firm believers in the fact that taking the same old gamble with time and money spent at the same big box gyms doesn't work for some. Which is why we find working out with others that have similar goals gives you a better chance at having your own personal success.

We want you to get motivated and see results. No matter what your goals, we have the most effective solution for you through our goal setting process, accompanied by our meal plans and healthy food lists. Not to mention (whispering with eyes wide open) our annual Fitness Challenges.
Master Trainers of California:
Helping Modesto master the art of life, family, and fitness since January 2017.

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